Rubber Bands

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Rubber bands are used for a variety of jobs in both an industrial capacity as well as an administrative capacity. Due to the fact that they can be manufactured in a variety of ways, their elasticity and strength make them an ideal choice for a wide number of applications and of course, they are re-usable and therefore cost-effective.

Whatever application you require rubber bands for; Honeycrown Rubber Products Ltd has the expertise and experience as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rubber products, to provide you with a solution.

standard & traditional

Rubber bands manufactured & supplied by Honeycrown Rubber Products LtdIf you require standard, traditional rubber bands then Honeycrown Rubber Products Ltd can supply them to fulfil your requirements. They are available in a variety of packaging options designed to suit you.


Rubber tubes manufactured & supplied by Honeycrown Rubber Products LtdWe recognise you may have specific requirements from your rubber bands, therefore we can manufacture and supply you with a product designed and tailored to fulfil those requirements.

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