Rubber Mouldings

Various rubber moulding and forming services are available to your own specifications.

Honeycrown’s rubber moulding service

Honeycrown’s moulding service can offer you short or long runs on even the most demanding of moulded applications. Either send us your drawing or sample and we will do the rest.

moulding can be carried out in a number of ways such as:

  • injection moulding
  • compression moulding
  • transfer moulding

compression moulding

Rubber is pressed between 2 halves of a mould that have been heated. This is generally done with vertical presses. After it is formed, the part is cured at various temperatures for set times.

transfer moulding

The preformed stock flows from a transfer pot to the cavities.

injection moulding

Soft heated rubber is forced into a heated mould under a very high pressure. Once the product is cured, the mould is unclamped and the finished part is then removed.

seal design considerations

It is critical to the success of any sealing application to consider a number of inter-dependent variables if the required end product performance is to be achieved.

1. The medium to be selected and its chemistry

2. Pressure range and frequency of application

3. Clearance between mating components

4. Degree of lubrication present

5. Frequency and speed of relative motion

6. Surface finish on adjacent components

7. Method of handling and installation immediately prior to assembly

Whatever your moulding requirements are, Honeycrown Rubber Products Ltd has the expertise and facilities to provide you with the solution you need. For further information, contact Honeycrown on +44 (0)1978 853730, email us at or use our contact page, and we will provide you with the support you require.

You can send your designs to us on our contact page.

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